Akon – Roblox Music Codes

Song NameCode (ID's)
RightNow - Akon1621360322
So blue - Akon362567158
SunnyDay - Akon305907848
Angel - Akon144414004
Beautiful - Akon248695260
Don’t matter - Akon243291204
Locked up - Akon346542816
Lonely - Akon217040577 or

Sorry, blame it on me - Akon184673549 or

Akon - Be With You (Nedu Remix)379516141
Like Money (feat. Akon) - Wonder Girls166440531
Akon - Sunny Day Lyrics (ft. Wyclef)305907848
Akon - Right Now (Na Na Na Spectra Remix) (Tropica1621360322

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